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Toy Pomeranians for Sale. Home raised Pomeranian Puppies For Sale.


Thank you for your interest in Future Pomeranian Home. We are a family of experienced breeders striving for excellence in quality, type and temperament. We are working to preserve the best bloodlines, and we breed premium quality puppies. We are lifetime members of the APC (American Pomeranian Club) – this is a national club dedicated to improving the Pomeranian breed, and we are as well AKC Breeders of Merit. Here, our goal is to breed and sell out Pomeranian of excellent quality, type and temperament which would make good companions to their new families. If someone never told you that Pomeranian make loving, enduring companions, then know it now. They have long-live, very beautiful, intelligent, and love to please. You can visit our available puppies page to see photos of puppies and more. they comes with pedigrees, and complete shots.

We are a family of pet lovers, this is the reason why our puppies are being raised with so much love and attention. They are often played with, and are well socialized with kids and other home pets. This is very important in determining what kind of temperament the puppy will have as an adult. They are accustomed to both adults and children as they are played with daily by both. To ease house training, our puppies are accustomed to using a doggie door from a young age for potty and outdoor play. All of our Pomeranian are fed only the highest quality food to ensure good health. Our daughter is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Herbalist & Aromatherapist. She use this knowledge to help us in raising sound and healthy puppies.

he Coat colors available are: Orange/Red, Cream, White, Sable, Black & Tan. this year have not been the best for us. For some reasons, we decided to offer the 50% off sales on our puppies. The puppies come with a one year health guarantee from the vet but i as the breeder guarantees satisfaction for 5 years. A lot of hard work and attention ensures a good beginning for the pups under our care. We consider our prices to be very reasonable for puppies of this quality. We supply AKC papers, a pedigree, and an information pack with each puppy. Your puppy will have had its first vaccinations and other preventive care. Ongoing support for puppies purchased from us is always available. If you want to know more about us, learn how we began in Poms

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Toy Pomeranians for Sale. Home raised Pomeranian Puppies For Sale.

Just so u know...

​Beware of buying puppies produced by puppy mills, backyard breeders, and breeders offering many breeds. The background of the dams and sires are usually unknown and they usually don’t screen for inherited problems, therefore health clearances are not given.

These businesses produce a large number of dogs so human contact is practically non-existent. Puppy Mills are often the source of dogs sold through Pet Shops. Follow the American Kennel Club guidelines when purchasing a puppy of any breed. A copy of a brochure titled “Making the Right Choice” can be obtained from the AKC website www.akc.com

REMEMBER — Always insist upon being provided with a signed bill of sale stating the puppy is being sold as a purebred.
WARNING SIGN: It is against the law in America and Canada for a breeder to offer you a purebred dog at one price with papers, and another price without papers. Yes we have done some our research :).

We hope that you leave with a greater appreciation of this MAGNIFICENT BREED.

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Pomeranians are easy to care for, despite them being a long coated breed. If you buy your puppy from me he will be trained to be groomed, bathed, blow dried and have nails cut from a very early age so the new owner shouldn’t have trouble adjusting the puppy to this type of handling. The key is to continue where I left off and do it consistently so the puppy learns to expect the same from you...

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